Brick Breaker Unicorn

Изображение: Brick Breaker Unicorn
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Brick Breaker Unicorn is a classic arcade game with interesting graphics and unicorn themed.

The player controls a small racket platform that can be moved horizontally from one wall to the other, placing it under the ball, preventing it from falling down. The impact of the ball on the brick leads to the destruction of the brick. After all the bricks at a given level are destroyed, a transition to the next level takes place, with a new set of bricks. There is also some variety: certain bricks need to be hit several times, sometimes flying enemies appear, from which the ball pushes off, hitting some bricks leads to the drop of prize capsules from them - the prize is activated if you catch such a capsule with a racket.

The game is based on the classic "Arknoid" game.

Arkanoid is a video slot machine game developed by Taito in 1986.

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